Dear MEPOS Conference participants, Guests & colleagues,

It’s our honour to welcome you to the 8th ŭinternational conference of Middle East Pediatric Orthopaedic Society (MEPOS) held in Semiramis InterContinental Hotel Cairo, Egypt, from ŭ14-16, October, 2021ŭ.

The MEPOS Conference has been known worldwide as a ŭrich, productive and true international gathering of ŭthe most well known names in the Middle East and the whole world of orthopaedic ŭsurgery throughout its previous successful history. ŭ

Our gathering at this time is considered to be the most efficient & effective way to acquire ŭknowledge through exchange of experience among different Orthopaedic experts from all over the world .ŭ

We hope you enjoy with us every single moment of ŭlearning, teaching, and sharing thoughts. And to have a happy valuable time ŭfrom the opening till the end.ŭ Additionally, we wish you all to have a wonderful stay in Cairo, Egypt, where the ŭglory and history of ancient Egypt merge with the ŭbeauty and wonders of the modern state.ŭ

We are looking forward to start the MEPOS Conference with the exceptional presence of all of you,,,


MEPOS Committee