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Original articles

Hybrid fixation of late presenting greater tuberosity fracture following shoulder dislocation.
Ahmed Darweash, MD and Alaa Abou Ouf, MD

Incidence and Management of Stress Fractures Among Military Basic Trainees.
El Mohamady El Ghareeb Saied, Mohamed Abd El Aziz Hassan and Mohamed Magdy Ibrahim

Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Complication and Clinical Outcome of Total Synovectomy Versus Limited Synovectomy In Total Knee Arthroplasty.
Eltayeb Mahmoud Nasser

Evaluation of Treatment of Recent Comminuted Head Radius Fractures in Adults by Prosthetic Replacement.
Tarek A. Mahmoud MD

Meniscal Repair Using the outside-in Suture Technique.
Ahmed M Gouda,MBBch; Osama G Ahmed, MD and Ayman M Ebied, MD

Combined Effect of Subchondral Microfracture & Platelet-rich Plasma in Small Full Thickness Articular Cartilage Lesions of the Knee Joint.
Ahmed E. Shahin MD; Adel EI.Elseedy MD and Ahmed G .A. Ahmed MBBCH

Functional outcomes of the failed distal tibial fracture fixation combined with ankle arthritis salvaged by retrograde intramedullary non-vascularized fibula graft with a circular external fixator.
Tamer A. Mawla, MD

Core Decompression and Fibular Graft in Treatment Of Precollapsed Stages of Non Traumatic Hip Osteonecrosis.
Mohamed E. Attia, MD

Results of Calcaneo-Stop procedure for idiopathic flexible pes planovalgus in children.
Hany Hamed, MD

Management of focal chondral lesions in the knee joint by osteochondral autograft transfer system.
Ahmed El-Badawy Shahin, MD; Mohamed El-Sawy Habib, MD; Ahmed Ebrahem Zayda, MD and Soliman Hassan Zalalo, MSc

Short term results of a novel suture-button construct for acute ankle syndesmotic injuries.
Mohamed Nabil M D, PhD. & Ahmed Matthana M D, PhD

Minimally invasive percutaneous osteosynthesis for complex metaphyseo-diaphyseal humeral fractures.
Mohammed S Singer MD; Hosam El-Sayed Farag MD and Waleed M Moussa MD

Locked plate fixation of the distal femoral fractures by using the less invasive stabilization system (LISS).
Awad Abdel Mmoniem Rafalla ; Rafalla AAA; MD and El Sayed Abd El-halim Abdullah; Abdullah EA; MD

Fracture of the distal tibia; early fixation with minimal invasive precontoured locked plate osteosynthesis.
Mohamed A. Samy, MD; Amr E . Darwish, MD and Mohammed A. Refai, MD

Management of intraoperative avulsion femoral condyle fractures during total knee arthroplasty.
Mohammed El Sayed Awad, MD; Ahmed Saeed Younis,MSc and Sherif Mostafa abdeldayem, MD

Outcomes of the All Inside Single Bundle Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Quadrupled Semitendinosus Tendon Graft.
Ahmed Hassan Taha Waly, MD Hesham Mohamed Gawish, MD

Surgical treatment of chronic boutonniere deformities by lengthening-dorsalizing the lateral bands and tightening the central slip.
Rashed Emam Rashed, Galal Mansour Hegazy, Mahmoud Ahmed Ghazal

Treatment of clubfoot by modified Ponseti technique.
Sameh S. Alsafty, MD and Kareem S. Khalil, MSc