Supplement (2), December 2021

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Original articles



Outcome of Transverse Patella Fractures Fixed with Cannulated Screws and Stainless Steel Tension Band Wiring

Haytham Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Moneim, and Mohammed Ahmed Moussa


Comparative Study between Volar Locked Plate versus Conservative Treatment in Unstable Distal Radius Fractures in Elderly Patients

Zeyad Alameer AbdAlkader, Hany Zaky Saeed and Mohamed A Omar


Acetabular ErosionAfter Bipolar Hip Hemiarthroplasty: A Systematic Review

Ahmed Hefnawy Metwaly Elhefnawy, Mahmoud Mabrouk Said, Yaser Elsayed Hassan and Abdalhamid A. Attallah


Comparative Study of Volar and Dorsal Approaches for Surgical Treatment of Isolated Radial Fractures

Ahmed F.S. Eldin, and Sami A.H.Sakr, and Ahmed M.I. Eldesouky


Clinical outcome after open reduction and internal fixation of type B bimalleolar ankle fractures

Yousif Hussein El-Sayed Gad, Tarek Mohammed Abdel Ghaffar and Ahmed Sobhy Abdel Fattah


Fixation of type II Lateral third clavicle fracture by distal radial plate ‎with screw stabilization of coracoclavicular interval

ElSayed Elforse, MD and Abdullah Nada, MSc‎


Arthroscopic treatment of Subacromial Impingement Syndrome with acromioplasty versus bursectomy

E. Elbana, A. Abdel baset


Transverse Metacarpal Fractures; Is It Better to Do Intramedullary Pinning Using K-wires or Internal Fixation Using Mini-plates?

Sherif Hamdy Mohamed Zawam, and Mahmoud Ahmed El-Desouky


Management of physeal injuries around the ankle in Children

Elsayd M. Zaki, Hesham F. Ghoneem, Emad Badawy, and Mohamed I. Dabour


One-stage surgical correction of rigid pes cavovarus between 10-14 years of age

Abdullah EA and Rafalla AAA


Management of bone defects in Total Knee Replacement

Elsayed Morsi, Mohamed Elsawy Habib, Osama Gamal Ahmed and Ahmed Abdel-monem Ali Dewidar


Results of treatment of oblique and spiral fractures of metacarpals and hand phalanges by mini lag screws

Hossam Elden A. Abodonia, Ahmed F. Shams Eldeen, Yasser S. Hannout


Results of Management of Distal radius fractures in osteoporotic patients by closed reduction and percutaneous fixation with bone substitute

Amar Saber, Emad Badawy, and Hesham Rabie Al Saedy


Surgical management of fractures of the lateral third of the clavicle

Mohammed Abd El-Rahman biessar, Faisal Hassan Zayed and Mahmoud Mohammed El-Nabawy


Split depressed lateral tibial plateau fracture fixation by locking compression plate with or without bone graft (comparative study)

Amr Moussa Abdelaziz, Ashraf Mohammed Abdelaziz and Mahmoud Ali Ismail


Effect of dorsal surgical release of post-traumatic stiff metacarpophalangeal joint on hand function.

Rasha Yossery Saleh


The Safety and Efficacy of Internal Fixation for Ipsilateral Femoral Neck and Shaft Fractures: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Ahmed Ali Mahmoud, Tharwat Mohamed Abdel Rahman and Mahmoud Ali Ismail


Calcaneus lengthening osteotomy for correction of symptomatic flexible flat foot in children using fibular autograft

Yamen Safwat, Ahmad Hatem and Adel Abdel Azim


A Systemic Review of Dega versus Salter Osteotomy in the Management of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

Ismail Fekry Mohamed Ismail, Ashraf Mohamed Abd Alaziz and Mahmoud Ali Ismail


Gracilis tendon autograft for acute coracoclavicular ligaments reconstruction

Moawed F. El-Adawy, Samir N. El-abd and Mohamed A. Eissa


Cancellation of the elective orthopedic surgery, an audit to improve the quality of care.

Waleed Mohammad Awwad, Rohail Mumtaz, Mohammed Lyeeq Ahmed, Abdulaziz Almaawi, Abdulaziz Aljurayyan, Abeer Awwad, Khalid Alsaleh