Online Payment Refund Policy


All transactions processed for EGYPTIAN ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATION online participations pay are eligible for a refund if you would like to cancel a payment for any reason within 24 hours of your transaction.


We will also refund any payment made in error or if the payment is not currently due and creates a credit balance on your account.


Refunds for payments that are correct and made on an outstanding balance will not be refunded unless approved by the Treasurer.


To request a cancellation of an online payment and refund of your payment please call our EGYPTIAN ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATION office at 202 23930013 - 20223934048 - 2012 22406039  within 24 hours of your transaction excluding Tuesday or Holidays.


Online refunds will be processed as soon as they are approved via a credit to your credit card account. If you have questions regarding our refund policy, please call the office at  2012 22406039